Are your nails ready for the royal treatment? Here at The Nails Spa we carry the best products in all the colors of the rainbow to make your nails stand out in a crowd.


Here at The Nails Spa our goal is to provide our clients with quality skin care. We are dedicated to the most up to date skin care therapies.


The Nails Spa knows life can be tough sometimes, why not come and relax with some of our top notch Spa Services. We will make you look and feel like a million bucks.

Welcome to The Nails Spa!

Our salon takes pride of making all clients satisfied at the very first time coming to our salon. The Nail Spa understands that customers’ needs are the utmost importance, we create the basic services including Manicure and Pedicure services and variety of other ones. Besides, a variety of services are also provided such as: French Gel manicure, Facial, Acne Treatment….to help you become beautiful from head to toe. Any service that you choose at the salon is served by experienced and talented staff to make sure you will have magnificent nails.

At The Nail Spa, not only services, staff, another thing that goes into a great nail salon is cleanliness. We autoclave all our implements after clients use. This is a type of a sterilization chamber that hospitals and dentist use sterilize all metal tools. The tools are then packaged in a sterilization pouch so a new sterilization pouch of implements is opened for each client. Moreover, our salon also cares for your wellbeing. We provide a disposable nail file, buffer, foot file and a few other items. You absolutely find what you want at The Nail Spa.

Visit us, you not only become more beautiful but also have time to relax while enjoying our luxurious place decorated with a unique style.

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Addr : 5565 N Azusa Ave Azusa California 91702  Tel : 626-815-1633